Monday, March 29, 2010


Amy yang ada tahi lalat tu anak Ayah N ma
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Friday, February 5, 2010

Sijil Aimi

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Syarikat Mohd Noor Yusof Sdn Bhd.

Syarikat Mohd Noor Yusof Sdn Bhd

  K741/742 Jln Kubang Kurus 24000 Cukai, Cukai 24000, Terengganu
p: 609-8596631
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Ladang Rakyat Terengganu Sdn Bhd

Ladang Rakyat Terengganu Sdn Bhd

Pejabat Ladang Rakyat 24000 Bandar Ceneh Baharu Terengganu Malaysia, Cukai 24000, Terengganu
p: 609-8730399  f: 609-8730261
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mice may play

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Best of Web in 3 Minutes funny video

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

MOSCOW - Russian Mufti Council felt unanimously state that the holy verses of the Qur'an which appear twice a week on the skin of an Alexander Yakubov
male infant aged nine months in the territory of Dagestan, southern Russia is a warning to all the gods of Islam in Russia and Dagestan.

According to a statement the council, following the orders of Allah and leave all the strife, creating peace among Muslims and with neighbors,
cleanse themselves from sin and begin to practice the principles of the neighborhood besides bermaaf-maafan cause Muslim population in the country will get
Allah's forgiveness.

According to some reports, the parents who live in the city of Ali Kizlyar in Dagestan region and among local imams claimed that the holy Quran verses that appear
on Monday and Friday before the lost and replaced with a new verse.

One verse that means: "Allah is the Creator of all that is.".
When the holy verse appears next, Ali could not sleep all night with fever and body heat can not be reduced even using strong drugs.

When he was born, Ali found suffering from heart disease and related brain but he recovered fully after verse of the Qur'an began to appear on

body. - Agencies

Translate :

MOSCOW - Majlis Mufti Rusia kelmarin sebulat suara menyatakan bahawa ayat suci al-Quran yang muncul dua kali seminggu pada kulit Ali Yakubov iaitu seorang

bayi lelaki berusia sembilan bulan di wilayah Dagestan, selatan Rusia merupakan amaran tuhan kepada semua penduduk Islam di Rusia dan Dagestan.

Menurut kenyataan majlis itu, mengikuti perintah Allah dan meninggalkan segala persengketaan, mewujudkan keamanan sesama umat Islam dan dengan jiran,

membersihkan diri daripada dosa dan mula mengamalkan prinsip kejiranan selain bermaaf-maafan menyebabkan penduduk Islam di negara tersebut akan mendapat

keampunan Allah.

Menurut beberapa laporan, ibu bapa Ali yang tinggal di bandar Kizlyar di wilayah Dagestan dan kalangan imam tempatan mendakwa ayat suci al-Quran itu muncul

pada hari Isnin dan Jumaat sebelum hilang dan digantikan dengan ayat baru.

Salah satu ayat itu bermaksud: "Allah ialah Pencipta segala yang ada.".

Apabila ayat suci seterusnya muncul, Ali tidak dapat tidur sepanjang malam dan mengalami demam dengan kepanasan badannya tidak dapat dikurangkan walaupun

dengan menggunakan ubat-ubatan kuat.

Semasa dia dilahirkan, Ali didapati menghidap penyakit jantung dan berkaitan dengan otak tetapi dia sembuh sepenuhnya selepas ayat al-Quran mula muncul pada

tubuhnya. - Agensi
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How To Train A Dog At Home Like A Professional Dog Trainer

If you're looking to properly train your puppy or older dog yourself at home - this website is for you.

You'll find a huge collection of proven dog training information and tips used by professional dog trainers worldwide. My goal is to help you select, raise and train your dog in a positive and effective manner.

Choose your dog training issue from the list below and learn how to train your dog step-by-step using the very latest dog training techniques - your dog will love you for it.
How To Train A Dog - The Right Way

There are so many theories and so much conflicting advice regarding the various ways to train our dogs - it's hard to know who to trust and what to believe.

This is what I personally consider to be crucial, and always strive for when training my own dogs:

* To build a strong owner-dog relationship, based on trust and mutual respect.

* To have confidence in, and control of my dogs in any situation.

* Most importantly to have happy, outgoing dogs that are properly socialized.

* To work with my dogs natural drives and instincts.

* Absolutely no cruelty or harsh "old school" training techniques. I certainly don't believe you have to "break a dogs spirit" in the training process.
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Rocker Trick On Snow

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Elephant - once upon a time in India.

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D Cafe Taman Tamaddun Islam with my Ma.

I and my ma at TTI Kuala Terengganu.
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Blog

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Danoub Jadeh Chaloos

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Danoub Danoub Dance

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Danoub Wourld Cup

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Detective Conan special 2 part 1/6

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Kamen Rider Kabuto Eps.15

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Watch anime online

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My Fren

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

U can Download this info

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Free ebook

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Adware: How to Beat the Sneakiest Software

by: Joel Walsh
Promoters of adware, software that shows advertising on a user's computer, use some cunning tricks to get you to install their software on your machine.

Here's what to look out for.

Adware is, by definition, something reasonable people don't want on their computers. That's why malware can't just come out and ask people to install it.

Often, the computer owner is completely unaware of it being installed. But not always.

When adware doesn't want to sneak in through an open window, it will try to trick you into letting it in through the front door. Don't think you could be

tricked? Don't be so sure until you've checked out these most common ways people have been tricked into allowing malware to be installed on their machines.

Adware Installation Trick 1: Piggybacking

• How it works: malware may come bundled with a legitimate piece of software the user actually wants, such as a game or emoticon. The malware is

merely labeled "companion software," without any indication of what it will do.
• How to fight it: be very suspicious of any software that comes bundled with other software. Don't installed software that comes bundled with other

software unless you know everything that the bundled software does. After all, if the bundled program has anything to do with the program you actually want,

why couldn't the software developer just get both programs' functionalities into a single piece of software? Software developers are now very sensitive to

malware concerns and will provide a lengthy explanation of just why the bundled software is necessary, in the cases when they actually do need to use bundled


Adware Installation Trick 2: Bait and Switch

• How it works: since people are getting more and more suspicious of bundled software, the malware's developers may simply label it as valuable

software, for instance, a browser plugin that supposedly accelerates web browsing (but in reality only shows ads).
• How to fight it: again, a suspicious mind is useful in avoiding malware. Ask yourself some questions:
o What will this software actually do? Malware often comes with very fuzzy claims attached. Sure, it says it will improve your browsing experience,

but how? Often, this improved browsing experience just means a browsing experience with more advertising.
o If the software is so great, why is it being given away free? Most commonly, software is only given out free in two cases: if it's OpenSource

(designed by a community of developers and not proprietary--OpenSource software is always clearly labeled as such); or simply a come-on for a fuller-featured

version of the software. If neither case is true, there's a real chance the software is financed by adware.

Adware Installation Trick 3: Outright Lying

• How it works: malware may even be labeled as something else entirely, such as a well-known piece of software or a crucial component of the computer

operating system.
• How to fight it: this is the trickiest malware of all, and requires extreme caution. You don't want to start deleting any of your program files,

much less your system registry entries, unless you're absolutely sure it's malware. Plenty of overzealous parasite hunters have shot their own machines to

bits this way. This is one case where you want to be using an anti-spyware program, and preferably a second anti-spyware program to provide a second


Getting Rid of Adware

Adware is so tricky that trying to uninstall it by yourself could be like a trip into the Matrix. Luckily, there are good anti-spyware programs that tackle

adware as well--after all many adware programs are also spyware since they monitor your internet usage.
True, it may feel like adding insult to injury to have to install more software to get rid of software you never meant to install in the first place. But

sometimes you just have to fight fire with fire.
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watching the ..

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Internet Marketing

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suhai and his wife

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get it

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

more of suhaidi weddings

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suhaidi weddings

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suhaidi wedding

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2 cats

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Help Cats Stay Healthy and Active

Look around and you'll see people are not just living long; they’re living well, too. You can help your cat do the same! No matter how you think of your cat — as a senior, an adult, an aging cat, or a "kitten for life" both physical and emotional. Here you'll find the insights you need to help maintain her total health and wellness as she gets older and to get the most out of the Way of Life® you and your maturing cat share.
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You guest what kind of cats are ..

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